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The group was founded in 2004 by Linda who now with the help of Wolf, Carolyn and Tracy have been collecting data to help others in research of their ancestors. Lost Ancestors started off as a project to help people in the UK to research their ancestors and to collect information. In later years it has become international with members spread all over the world and we hope our genealogical community becomes larger and larger.

We have collected a lot of information during the last few years. We searched for a place to store what we found in a central place to make it available to our members. The Lost Ancestors Projects were born. Most information is provided by our members and we hope to collect much more in the future.

Our five main projects are:


linkNames and That:

Unusual sources found on flea markets, in antiquarian books or in family trees supplied exciting information about families from the United Kingdom and the world.


Funeral cards and obituaries are an important source of information for the family researcher. They can give us a prospective of what life was like for the family and about the person who has died.

linkCemeteries and churches:

An almost never ending source of information is cemeteries. Head stones tell about people from past centuries. Also churches tell us a lot about the life of our ancestors.


Various wars plunged our world into disaster. Uncountable calamities were a disaster for whole families. The world stopped breathing for a moment. Our memorial project wants to remember in honour and respect.

linkMemorial Seats:

Another resource for finding ancestors, especially more recent ones, to complement collections of war memorials and gravestone inscriptions.

We hope that you will contribute to our collection to help us, help members find their Lost Ancestors. We are sure as fellow researchers you know the joy of finding pieces of information which help to build the jigsaw puzzle of our family trees. Maybe one of your Lost Ancestors are lurking amongst our pages - open the door and have a look.

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